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Circular Economy For Climate and Environment (CECE) Conference 2023

26 and 27 Sep 2023 l 8:30 am to 5:00 pm AEST

Aerial Function Centre, University of Technology Sydney

The Circular Economy For Climate and Environment Conference will be held in Sydney in September 2023. Held over two days, the conference will explore recent advances in technologies and industrial approaches with a focus on Nutrient recovery and reuse for sustainable futures.


It is an immense pleasure for us to welcome you all to join us at the first international conference on the circular economy for climate and environment (CECE 2023) organised by the University of Technology (UTS) and the ARC Hub for the Nutrient in a Circular Economy (NiCE) Hub. CECE will be an annual international multi-disciplinary conference covering a wide range of topics with themes related to circular economy in water, energy, environment, waste, resource recovery, climate change, etc. The conference provides a platform for the researchers from the academia, industries, government and NGOs globally to come together and share the research works covering both fundamentals and applied research. The conference also is aimed at promoting network among the researchers and foster international collaborations. The conference will feature several eminent plenary and keynote speakers from academia, industry and government. Attractive prizes will be awarded for best young researchers and research student in different categories. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations and may be submitted using the links below.

Prof. Shon.jpg

Prof. Ho Kyong Shon.



Prof. Bernadette McCabe


Prof. Stefano.jpg

A/Prof. Stefano Freguia


Prof. Dana.jpg

A/Prof. Dana Cordell


Prof. Leonard.jpg

A/Prof. Leonard Tijing,


Conference Themes

  • Environmental pollution

  • Environmental Technologies

  • Bioresource

  • Environmental health and risk

  • Circular economy

  • Climate change: impacts mitigation and adaptation

  • Water, energy, and environment

  • Resource recovery from wastes

Conference Organising Committee

Organising committee

  • Prof Ho Kyong Shon, UTS, Chair

  • A/Prof Leonard Tijing, UTS, Co-Chair

  • A/Prof Dana Cordell, Institute of Sustainable Futures, UTS, Co-Chair

  • Prof Bernadette McCabe, University of Southern Queensland, Co-Chair

  • A/Prof Stefano Freguia, University of Melbourne - Co-chair

  • Dr Sherub Phuntsho, UTS

  • Dr Ibrahim El Saliby, ARC NiCE Hub, UTS

  • Dr Li Gao, South-East Water

  • Dr Gary Leeson, Organic Crop Protectants (OCP)

  • A/Prof Cara Beal, Griffith University

  • Prof Mikel Duke, Victoria University

  • Ms Jade Jiang, UTS (student, UTS)

  • Ms Weonjung Sohn (student, UTS)

  • Ms Hanwei Yu (student, UTS)

Conference scientific committee

  • Prof Hadi Khabbaz, UTS/FEIT, Australia

  • A/Prof Behzad Fatahi, UTS/FEIT, Australia

  • Prof Qilin Wang, UTS/FEIT, Australia

  • A/Prof Liu Ye, University of Queensland, Australia

  • Prof Jason Prior, UTS/ISF, Australia

  • Prof Anne Roiko, Griffith University, Australia

  • Dr Jason Reynolds, Western Sydney University, Australia

  • Prof Jeff Powell, Western Sydney University, Australia

  • Kim Nance, Rich Earth Institute, USA

  • Dr Amit Chanan, Water Authority Fiji

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