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Industry Collaboration and Impact Award

This prestigious award will be given to individuals or teams and aims to recognise and celebrate

exemplary collaborations between academia and industry, leading to significant impact on industry

practices and society as a whole. We invite individuals, organizations, and research teams to showcase

their outstanding contributions in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and making a transformative

impact on industries.


Eligibility Criteria:


  •  The applicant must be actively engaged in collaborative projects involving academia and industry.

  •  The collaborative project must have been implemented and demonstrated measurable impact within the past three years.

  •  The project should showcase successful knowledge transfer, adoption of innovative technologies, and tangible benefits to industry practices.

  •  Collaborations across diverse industry sectors, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations, will be highly regarded.


Application Process:


Interested applicants must submit the following documents:

  •  A comprehensive project summary highlighting the collaborative efforts, objectives, methodology, and achieved impact (maximum 500 words).

  •  Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume of the applicants showcasing relevant experience and contributions (Max. 1 MB).

  •  Supporting documents such as project reports, testimonials, or any other relevant materials (Max. 2 MB).

  •  Five presentation slides summarising research achievements including photos and graphs (Max. 1 MB).

  •  Two letters of recommendation from industry partners, academic advisors

  •  All applicants must include in their application a short statement (100 words max) to discuss the alignment of their project or research work with the circular economy definition as framed by Circular Australia

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