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Circular Economy Young Professional Award


The Circular Economy Young Professional Award will be given to students or early-career researchers to credit their outstanding contributions to circular economy. This award will recognize the quality and impact of original research contributions, and the potential for such research to be translated from labs to full-scale technologies.


Eligibility criteria:


  • The applicant must be an undergraduate, postgraduate student or early-career researcher currently enrolled in a domestic or international University, and engaged in original research.

  • The research work must have been conducted within the past three years.

  • The research work must have been published within the past two years.

  • Original research stemming from cross-disciplinary collaborations will be commended.

Application process:

   Applicants should include the following documents in their application

  • A copy of the published original research

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume of the applicants (max 2 pages max, max 1 MB).

  • Confirmation of enrolment from local HDR or HR department.

  • One slide with i) two figures max and ii) three bullet points max to highlight the main contribution of the published research to the field.

  • A short statement (100 words max) to discuss the alignment of their project or research work with the circular economy definition as framed by Circular Australia​.

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