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Research Excellence and Innovation Award


This prestigious award will be given to individuals or teams and aims to recognise and honour outstanding achievements in research, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and fostering innovation. We invite researchers from various disciplines to showcase their exceptional contributions to advancing knowledge and making a real impact in the following fields.


  •  Circular Economy

  •  Climate Change: impacts, mitigation and adaptation

  •  Water, energy, and environment

  •  Resource recovery from wastes

  •  Environmental pollution

  •  Environmental technologies

  •  Bioresource

  •  Environmental health and risk


Eligibility Criteria:


  •  The applicant must be a researcher actively engaged in original research.

  •  The research work must have been conducted within the past three years.

  •  The research should demonstrate a high level of originality, rigor, and creativity.

  •  Interdisciplinary research and collaborations are encouraged and will be highly regarded.


Application Process:


Interested applicants must submit the following documents:


  •  A detailed research summary highlighting the objectives, methodology, and key findings (maximum 500 words).

  •  Most recent Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume showcasing academic achievements, publications, and research experience (Max. 1 MB).

  •  Supporting documents such as research publications, patents, or any other relevant materials (Max. 2 MB).

  •  Five presentation slides summarising research achievements including photos and graphs (Max. 1 MB)

  •  Two letters of recommendation.

  •  All applicants must include in their application a short statement (100 words max) to discuss the alignment of their project or research work with the circular economy definition as framed by Circular Australia 

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